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20. (Paragraph 2.19.2) The alien race of Greys or Dows and their occupation and role on earth, during the 20th century.

DisclaimerThe author has no direct experience or contact with any type of aliens, and the writings here have the nature of beliefs, and plausible conclusions of highest probability and internal consistency, from the writings of other authors in the web, and observable facts from nature, sciences and from the mass media and the internet. Of course the orientations of the internal consciousness, of the author play  also an important role.  Nothing written here is something that cannot be found also by too many other authors of blogs and sites in the web. 

This alien initially non-reptilian race, that the internet is full of their pictures and videos, where initially a race from the constellation of reticuli (cross) and stay now at Sirius B. They belong now to the Draconian Alliance. They were enslaved from the Draconians, all male were killed, and the remaining female , genetically manipulated, cannot give birth to new individuals. They are very small in number ( a few thousands, they have nevertheless a much greater number of clones connected to their computers) and they indirectly execute the agenda that is given to them by the Draconians, This agenda was responsible in the past for the extinction of at least of another civilization in the galaxy. This agenda  is similar to that of Annunaki agenda in ancient times for the Sumerians. In other words to create an earthly humanity of two speeds, a minority (e.g. Aryan race) who will have as a BATE from he Draconian Alliance, hidden technology, 1-3 thousand years more advanced than the current earthly civilization (like cloning with all the memories from the cloned, flying discs, inertia reduction and clogging technology, instantaneous travelling Gates etc), which will be fully understood not by the earthly civilization but by the Greys and Sirius B only). In addition abundance of money through the private central banks that issue money , and are initiated by the "indigenous" sub-draconian reptilians (Minosaurs or Minotaurs ) through the masonry of Illuminati,  and follow the principle "the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many"And the rest of humanity will be  a betrayed majority of unsuspected mass , easily seduced to lower modes of life, of blocked evolution which will get extinct sooner or later. Then, the reptilians (or Sirius B) will invade earth, and enslave the ruling earthly minority (Aryans etc) , which will be dissenpowered  after the loss of the majority of the humanity and also being guilty as they would have betrayed the majority of the humanity, and in spite their "advanced" technology, which is of course only completely understood by the Draconian Alliance and not the earthly minority or civilization , they will therefore (the earthly minority that is using this technology) they  will need and submit to the source of this technology which is of course the Draconian Alliance. But the worse is that the very principles that this minority will believe and value (e.g. "Serve-the-self", "The needs of the few advanced outweight the needs of the many not advanced" , "Seek of power at all costs" , " The goal excuses the means" (Machiavelli), "Only a minority of earthly humanity deserves the civilization and being alive in the planet" , etc) will be realized far better by the Draconian alliance, than this earthly minority, therefore they will easily submit and admit the superiority (after demoralized as betrayers of the human civilization) and join the Draconian Alliance. 

The scenario that this earthly minority which cooperated willingly (USA infiltrated parts of public power institutions during the 50's) with the Greys (kites of the Draconian Alliance) , not because they want the Draconian Alliance but because they hopped to outsmart the Greys or Dows is a hopeless , arrogant , stupid , and lame scenario, which after all has proven a failure.  It is at least stupid not to take in to consideration the vast super powers of the Andromeda Alliance (much more powerful and evolved as consciousness compared to  the Draconian Alliance) that would immediately be against them from the moment they cooperated with the Greys.   The 300 thousand earthly human victims from the Orion reptilians (Draconian Alliance)  in the secrete earthly base in Mars in 1980's, is also another proof from the opposite direction (the Draconian Alliance is merciless and honors no human civilization) . And probably the above disaster was the  beginning of strong opposition of many parts of USA military officials against the Greys (Dows) and those infiltrated parts of USA public power  institutions that cooperated with the Greys. The American elected presidents are powerless, and victims themselves of these hidden powers that cooperated with the Greys, or if willingly agreeing they are guilty as accomplice (at least of the abductions and raping in the laboratories of so many earthly women). Only the Andromeda Alliance can handle the Greys, not any earthly nation  powers. The hope of the earthly minority cooperating with the Greys, that all these would remain for ever hidden and claimed by them as never happened, is  already a burned  hope. Because the Andromeda Alliance has made sure that millions of people on earth (and now with the internet a billion of people) are aware of them  have common sense  proofs and testimonials, and if necessary, will give to earthly people, hard fact solid proofs, from their records.  Only the Andromeda Alliance can handle the Greys, not any earthly nation  powers. The hidden non-earthly civilization technology from the Greys (and Sirius B) , that USA, and some other earthly nations have,  is simply a BATE (of dominance of those having it over other earthly nations, under the well known DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy ) and the only wise attitude is to seal or confiscate this Draconian Alliance BATE

The Greys or Grays or Dows, from the 50's till the 90's, they tried to create a hybrid race between them and the earthly people, by abducting and raping in their laboratories earthly human women, that were leaving pregnant with genetic methods. They had their laboratories, inside  the earthly oceans, in underground bases in Moon and in Mars.  They cooperated with neo-nazi terrorists of earth that had infiltrated  various levels (mainly high society levels and institutions ) of the earthly American and other nations societies. It is so sad and repelling that high levels of infiltrated by this neo-nazi terrorists and the Greys public American and other nations  institutions, were guilty as an accomplish with the Greys that were abducting and raping in their laboratories so many earthly women.  Their project did not succeed much as the hybrid babies did not acquired souls, they remained like clones, like biological robots, which also means that inner invisible powers and the free will of non-incarnated human souls, did not agree with their goals. They were stopped by the Andromeda Alliance in abducting and raping, earthly women, and the clone-hybrid babies were confiscated. Their laboratories were closed by the Andromeda Alliance. The so called medium Bashar (channeled by Daryl Anka see e.g. http://bashar.org/ ) is supposed to be one if the Greys, that would prepare earthly civilization , for the intended hybrid race of earthly humans and the Greys. Still Bashar may speak many interesting and valuable ideas for the human evolution which is of course common sense to more advanced alien civilizations , but the teachings will be cleverly manipulated and infiltrated with some wrong key information , that will make the domination of the Draconians on the earthly civilization easier accepted! But one can notice that something monstrous and raping is behind this "medium" , from the exaggeration of   "excitement" .......shouting and interruption interaction with the other speakers. 

Here is an account (November 2014) of the influence of the Greys  (Draconian Alliance though Sirius B) in the earthly planetary civilization by Alex Collier 

Alex Collier : (November 2014)

I want to expand if I may on my last letter to you all, and share more of my prospective on what’s going on around Earth. And there appears to be quite a bit. However, is it all on purpose? Or is it really just so corrupt that it’s falling apart on the weight of its own deceit. It’s probably a combination of both. In politics nothing happens by accident.

I would like to say that in no way is this situation hopeless, or incurable. Of course if we the people of Earth had been or were more self reliant and protective of our liberties and managed the national governments we most likely would not be in this position. But regardless here we are.

So how bad are we going to let this get? Is everything so bad that the PTB only solution is to remove 2/3 of the population? No. Not even close. And why would we ever buy into such bullshit? Take for example the Earth’s space fleet. It’s international in scope. It required the talents and resources of the whole planet to pull it together. The planning and building of such crafts. The reverse and engineering of the technology to make any of them get off the ground is nothing short of remarkable. The training of different types of astronauts’. The training to live in space. The new medical processes needed to maintain health in space, healing, operating, etc. The propulsion systems and fuel needed to generate space travel. Hyper dimensional travel and its affects on the body and the mind, the type of food that will grow in space and or zero gravity, the logistics of just about everything that would be needed to sustain a daily routine apart from Earth. The protocols’ needed in approaching a planet, the science and geology of planetary systems and of course the protocols’ of contact in space with other races.

Entirely new sciences, logistics, engineering, training, spirituality, genetic sciences, etc, were all created in the last 75 years and almost entirely done in secret. This is the most remarkable achievement of mankind in the last 9,000 years. And we were not invited to the party. Why? Simply put, Rogue groups of ET’s are using Earth as a base and everything on it and in it as a natural resource. I have shared this before. If we are capable of creating this completely new off world paradigm in just 75 years, why is the surface of the planet so screwed up? Because the PTB want it this way.

They want us distracted, and in a powerless position, because they fear our true power. They are doing everything they can to convince us all that we cannot manage or govern ourselves. So that when the day comes to ask and or insist that we as a planetary races surrender our freewill and sovereignty, we will have been beaten down into submission, by our governments, religions and environmentalists that are blaming humanity and that we are a plight, a mistake, and sinners in their kingdom.

This position of there’s, is of course all bullshit. These groups have lied, murdered, and destroyed our history as much as they could from us; they have committed treason against all of humanity both past, present and the future of us, for power and control. They could at anytime have come clean and changed how we all view ourselves. They could have instilled a pride and pioneer spirit that would have renewed our ability to believe and empower every single human being on this planet. But they haven’t. I say that’s enough. We can believe next to nothing of what we are being told by the corporate media. They are willing and naïve pawns in this game to claim earth away from us. It’s coming. But, only if we let them.

Almost everyone now see’s the contrast, of what they don’t want and are really beginning to think about what they do want. In other words the automatic pilot is coming off and people are waking up. This is truly an exciting time to be alive.

So, why all the secrecy? Why the erasing of history? Why the lack of true spiritual teaching? Simply put they the PTB (ET included) do not want us empowered. They want our frequency vibrating at a low level, so we can be managed. Why the full court press at this time? Because in the next several years, we will be entering and crossing the Plasma field of the Galactic plane. I would encourage you to research this. Many very talented and wise speakers are out there sharing this info. It’s nothing short of a spiritual and holographic dimensional Paradigm shift.

This is why the PAATAL are here. They this collective group of conscious beings have incarnated here to hold and guide us back to the frequency of love though all of this upheaval we are about to experience. That’s their job. To hold the vibration of love. You see when the regressive ET’s quietly invaded they began to shift our planets vibration. Because of their own deep intense dominate and control consciousness, they changed everything on the surface over thousands of years. We would have had a different future and present had they not invaded. But that’s another story.

The Paatal are here to put us back on track and it is working. Do you again see the contrast that is all around you? Its rather amazing when you start to really see it and empower yourself to change from what is, to what you really want.