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2. Who are we, the earthly people (as DNA and as Souls)? Galactic intelligence and earthly life. The future of earth.

Attending the world with the true knowledge is changing ourselves. And honoring our existence is to give greater value to our perception of the world, that the world itself.

" Cosmic responsibilityI believe that each one of our actions has a cosmic dimension. That is why the moral discipline , the benevolent behavior, and the careful discretion, constitute critical, ingredients of a happy life"  

Dalai Lama 14th in his book "Ancient world, Modern world, Ethics for the new millennium" 1999 http://www.dalailama.com/biography/books


"We are as human beings perceivers. We are an awareness. We are not objects and we have no solidity. We are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is a way for making our passage through our densities convenient. It is only a description that was created to help us. We do not forget that the description is only a description and thus, we have learned not to entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle of physicality from which few rarely emerge in a lifetime."

There is a fine difference between a thriller-obsessed pathological mind, and a realistic cautious wise mind; a fine difference between a naive idiotic mind and a highly optimistic intelligent mind. 

The author of this Blog has no direct experience or contact with any type of aliens, and the writings here have the nature of beliefs, and plausible conclusions of highest probability and internal consistency, from the writings of other authors in the web, and observable facts from nature, sciences and from the mass media and the internet. Of course the orientations of the internal consciousness, of the author play  also an important role.  Nothing written here is something that cannot be found also my too many other authors of blogs and sites in the web. And therefore the concepts and understandings that exists in this Blog is not of one only person but of many different persons and in many different times, places, religions and civilizations.

The impression that one may get from the information below about galactic intelligence and life and its relation to earthly life and civilization may be at first shocking and negative. And indeed there are some very bad news relevant to that. But good news also. It is directly understood that Alex Collier, who mainly was the first to give  this information would   feel traitor of humanity if he knew such information, if he believed  it to be true and did not communicate it to other people.
 But there are also some very good news. In fact the good news are more than the bad news. The good news are  mainly
a)       the empowering of the hope that we can and we will overcome the destructive forces that accumulate problems in and around our planetary biosphere,  (empowering through what is mentioned below as “lift-up” of the terra-formed civilizations, and the powerful intervention against tyrannical manipulations by hostile powers)

b)      The recognition that our true  DNA ancestors are already great and powerful civilizations in the Galaxy. We are DNA children of 22 Galactic races, with long history (and a time interval of civilizational memory loss).

c)         The benefits of possibly joining large groups of glorious civilizations of similar and even better spiritual principles, and values, (that include freedom, fair and benevolent collective democratic power,  respect of the free will of humans, positive empathy and love, respect  the sacred,  respect of the evolving soul consciousness etc)  , that are our DNA relatives too, and have already happier and more efficient forms of civilization. The larger the number of cooperating human beings, in the planet or among the galaxies, the more stable the validity of higher spiritual principles and values , and the mutual benefits.
Here is an early thinker of the 20th century that contributed to the contemporary people  of his time in to how to think in  planetary scale and with an optimistic perspective:
Quotes by Buckminster Fuller:
"There is an inherently minimum set of essential concepts and current information, cognizance of which could lead to our operating our planet Earth to the lasting satisfaction and health of all humanity." From Synergetics 1, The wellspring of reality.  (see also about "the world peace game" in http://www.worldgame.org/, and http://www.osearth.com/ )
Buckminster Fuller, was a global-thinker of the middle of 20th century worked so as to create a minimal system of concepts, and processed contemporary information , in cosmology, philosophy and metaphysics, physics, ecology, engineering, architecture, design  poleodomia, economics, sociology, politics, education, etc so that people in any nation, can think, feel, and act to a living that does not lead to the extinction of life on all or part of the planet Earth.

In the next posts (4-38) we will investigate, the question of the title of this post.


Every man has a right to be free from economic want of survival, from the birth until old age, regardless of working conditions. Every man is entitled equally to the cultural heritage of knowledge, of methods for health therapies, of goods services and technological achievements for survival (food, clothing, health care, education, house, transport, etc.). This of course means the basic survival allowance at all ages.

No economic oligarchy or those that “have” have any right to manipulate the majority and tose that “do not have” through the need of survival.


Not all people have good intentions for their fellowmen, and society, and thus there exist crime. Unfortunately economic inequalities create crimes. It must be tried through political and social institutions (taxes, benefits, etc.) not only reduced economic inequalities but create a system of essential and not only formal bureaucratic justice that protects every citizen or groups of citizens from injustice and crime. This includes the military defense against external enemy and criminal invasions.
3. FREEDOM OF THE HUMANS FROM THE VIOLENCE OF NATURE and those of the ways of natural life which are not in accordance with human soul consciousness and human spirit.
The cycle of blood and death, from animal to animal for food survival is something that for millennia man has tries to escape, and to shift from the jungle to a human society with mutual respect human rules, and laws with positive empathy, mercy, compassion, etc. This violence may still indirectly continue i in society, but to the extent that society is not a jungle, this means also that it is evolved. Because humans are the closest existences from the visible reality to the higher frequencies creators of life, a human is looking inside him in order to find the way of mental, spiritual and cultural development and not necessarily in the ways of the visible biological life.
Culture and psychic and scientific knowledge normally , develops so that increasingly releases each person from death and disease. It can not be accepted anywhere a hidden oligarchic scientific, genetic manipulationof the masses , in the past, present or future, of the human civilization from hidden groups, to another human civilization or society, (e.g. artificial viruses, falsification of DNA, artificial diseases and biological weapons, etc.) so as to exercise control, servitude, biological degradation, and manipulation.
5. FREEDOM OF THE SEX, COUPLES LOVE AND PARENTAL LOVE FROM violence, indirect slavery, envy, malignancy, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation and ulterior motives.
Love is a paramount experience, and must be protected.
The man should be morally and emotionally free. 
There is no more dangerous and insidious slavery of man by that from his manipulation by his emotions, desires and his weaknesses. .The emotional and moral world and how each person feels for himself, his actions and choices, that does not infringe the freedom of other people, it is perfectly within the individual's freedom of will, and not subject to control by others without mutual consent . Nor is it legitimate a direct or indirect moral emotional manipulation of the individual.
People should have the freedom of speech, oral and written, and the creative freedom of artistic expression, provided they do not violate the freedom of other people. This freedom is also directly correlated with cognitive and intellectual freedom.
No minority organization either with good or evil purposes has no right to hide from humanity, evidence from the human history, or of the history of life on earth, or observational results of natural phenomena, experimental results, or data related to the morphology of the planet internally or externally , or of other celestial bodies. Data on the knowledge of man, life, and physical reality, should not be hidden in order to retain the ignorance of the masses for easier manipulation and servitude, or for use of hidden knowledge at the expense of the many. Prohibiting research and knowledge, with different excuses is unacceptable. But also this knowledge and technology must not to be use against humans, or the life on the planet itself that humanity resides.
Societies have the inalienable right to social democratic political self-governance. It is known that the most perfect form of democracy is direct democracy, which in today's society of information and the internet, is easily feasible.
Forms of hidden oligarchies, whether of financial, or of technological nature, or other form of power that consider humanity being of two speeds, is incompatible with this principle. Humanity should not be a 2-speed civilization ie a split in to a) to the masses who have to stay in ignorance, underdevelopment, and defective, without true freedom but a fraudulently imposed illusion of freedom, and b) in a tiny minority with abundance of issued money and high hidden technology, which is not a product of discoveries of the mankind, and that this minority secretly seeks to despise, dominate, manipulate and oppress as a parasite a "sinful" majority. Cultures with such polarization, it seems to have a low rate of evolution and are usually doomed to periodic partial or total self-destruction.
Man should be free from spiritual and metaphysical systematic control and alienation and must seek the moral and spiritual truth and development within him and the humanity that he lives.
We need to seek the creation of ourself, as perception and experience, inside us and inside the human society we are living.
Not everything from the teaches of the different religions are lies or worthless, but it should be understood that religions are not the monopoly of any source of morality and virtue, and every metaphysical superiority.
Nor should religions become the vehicle, of oligarchic, moral and spiritual manipulation of the masses (violating religious freedom principles and freedom of the will, etc.) as indirect influence of such spiritual manipulations will  result, to later  manipulation of the masses by social, non-religious and hidden or not, authority minorities, and oligarchies.

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